It is a bright sunny day somewhere

dsc00438.jpgMy big investment on a reliable U.S. bank took a dive yesterday. So much for the U.S. being branded as a country where transparency is king. Transparency is such an abused world. We all want to live in a transparent world so that we can make intelligent decisions. The issue is that the brain is made up of endless compartments. If everything was logical, we could be mainly a computer or Mr. Spock.

Maybe that is why the stock market is both logical and irrational. It is just a projection of our mass thoughts in a huge screen. Greed and caution walking the same pathway. All investment advisors tell you to look at the long term – that in the long run you have to invest in the capitalist system of companies so that you can have a rich and rewarding retirement. Maybe we have gone too far down this road and cannot get out of this track. Somewhere in the back of my brain, I still remember the Dutch tulip market. As you all may know, the Dutch made so much money during their heydays. With all that money, they had to find a way to invest it. But tulips?

Similarly, everyone was telling me a few years ago that housing is the way to go. Nobody loses money on real estate. Huh, huh. Sure, you may own a piece of land. But land for what?

On that note, I better go out and smell the tulips. Ah, yeah, they have no fragance.


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