Our dog is staring out of the window

sf.jpgIt is around noon time. Sunny outside. Perfect Autumn weather. Leaves dropping from the Oak trees. Trees getting ready for hibernation. Our dog Sophie is gazing out of our living room’s window. Because I don’t understand dog language, I always ponder as to what she is thinking. It may be mainly pure instict. It may be thoughts of how to catch that little squirrel who seems to always getting away. Sometimes, I wonder whether she is a big cat in dog’s clothing.

Sophie came to our lives recently. There is a space compartment of her earlier years that we know nothing about. We inherited her. When I gaze at her, I feel sadness knowing that she may have had a hard life in the beginning. She was sent twice to a dog’s homeless shelter. We can’t really see what is wrong with her, short of that she is a normal female dog. That is, a bitch.

It is strange how a pet changes your life. Before Sophie came over, my partner and I did a lot of activities separately. She kind of forced us to do more things together…to feel more like a family. Yes, it is quite strange to be bonded by a living creative who can’t speak English or any other kind of human language.

Sophie is fortunate for having been born in an industrialized country where its citizens have the time and resources to pamper her. I recently read a news article indicating that in this county of ours, there is 1 pet for every 5 humans. It is as if we have a group of aliens co-existing with us constantly. I hope Sophie knows how fortunate she is now. Having travelled and lived in other countries, I know that dogs are not so kindly treated. I still wonder why they stick with us. Easy handouts?


2 thoughts on “Our dog is staring out of the window

  1. I’m now living with three cats and a dog. Although I adore cats, I’m terribly allergic to them. Can I send a third-world cat to your first-world home?

  2. LOL! Thanks but I think Sophie may view that kitty as exotic Brazilian dog food. I hope you get better. Maybe load yourself up with lots of claritin?

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