What? No Turkey?

world_cow.jpgToday is Thanksgiving holiday and we are not having turkey for dinner. Instead, we are having beef steak, potatoes and apple pie. Blasphemy? But isn’t beef as American as apple pie or Chevrolets?

There is a reason for this avoidance of the bird that shares its name with a brand of bourbon. We already had our turkey day last Saturday. Yes, on a Sabbath, at a friend’s home and whose heritage is linked with the Star of David. We had a great time on that Sabbath day. We stole that day and made it our own. Well, at least the bird was kosher, having been blessed by a Rabi.

This made me think of what is the meaning of holidays and traditions. I am sure most of us don’t care. We just use them as excuses to eat and drink. Most of us work so hard during the year that these few days of holidays are welcome breaks from our normal routines. But if you think about them, they are days that someone has set aside to remember something important in their lives. These are days that celebrate events that bond us as part of a family, group, society, nation, the world.

Thinking about me personally, I have only one set of holidays that I follow closely at heart – birthdays. Birthdays are days that have something in common: They are days that celebrate the birth of relatives and friends. They celebrate the beginning of life of people we care dearly.

So, on that note, what holidays do you follow closely?

Have a great turkey day (eh, steak day).


3 thoughts on “What? No Turkey?

  1. Sangroncito, I think Halloween should be declared the GAY holiday. hehehe

    HappyAMSguy. Of course, the Dutch have to invent a way to generate business during the Winter solister, eh? Just pulling your leg.

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