Modern technology, here I come

vcr.jpgDecades ago, when the Earth was at its infancy, I was extremely happy to have gone to Macys and bought myself one of those new technological boxes: a VCR. No more watching 8mm porno reels. I could see action in all its wonders. Those were the days when the porno section of the newly established video rental stores was hidden behind a tiny room.
Somehow, as the years progressed, I lost enthusiasm for new technology. I seem to have been like snow White during the past decade of DVDs and MP3s. But no longer…I decided to take a quantum leap to the next level…a level where most Japenese guys have already adopted a long while ago.

What is it? The mobile phone as the modern Swiss knife. I got myself a Nokia N95. This thing does everything. Camera, music player, GPS devise. It can connect to Wifi and supports Microsoft Office documents. All, in a little box.

Actually, I am writing this using the phone. Got myself a small bluetooth keyboard to quicky type too. Now, I can readily say “no” when homeland security ask me at the airport whether I am carrying a laptop computer.
What next? A computer chip implanted in my brain so that the porno stuff keep playing nonstop? Hahahahaha.


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