Do you know your way to San Jose?

car_19001.jpgMy daily life is frantic around the days that surround the Winter solstice and the designated birthday of Jesus Christ. It was just like yesterday that I believe in Santa Kraus and being a good boy. Nowadays, that good boy can be described as naughty in some circles. Who knew that someday one will assume the role of Santa Kraus?

I always wondered whether we humans would have found any kind of excuses to create a holiday. If we look at our history, no matter what culture, no matter what period of time, there has always been some kind of celebration. That is, to get wasted. Gee, we even go into a celebration mode when we mourn our dead ones. So, in that sense, Christmas would have existed, no matter what. From now on, anyone who complains to me about how commercialized things have become will be put on my no-gifts blacklist. Let’s see how soon they change their minds.

So, on other news, my trip to Los Angeles was uneventful. That long stretch of Interstate 5 is like the stretch of Interstate 80 that my friend Happy AMS guy took with me this past April. The main difference being it is all in California and there are mountain ranges on both sides of the San Joaquin valley. Still, it is like a road to nowhere. An endless straight line. On the way back, we decided to detour to San Jose and use highway 152, the Pacheco Pass highway. Highway 152 is known to be a dangerous highway because it is a two-lane highway that goes up and down a mountain range. Given that I was driving the Grand Cherokee and not the normal sports car, I needed to be a bit more cautious. Of course, nothing happened. Or I would not be writing this page.

So, I better excuse myself now and return to my gift wrapping effort. Where are the elves?


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