Why I voted for Senator Hillary Clinton and other rambling thoughts

I have not been making my mind about whom to vote in the Democratic Party primary election until right before the South Carolina election. For awhile, I was leaning towards Senator Barack Obama. He seems to bring excitement and a whiff of fresh air to an otherwise, kind of boring contest.

However, the primary election in New Hampshire enlightened to me about some view of sexism that continue to pervade in our society. That is, some voters would elect a male candidate (whatever race) over any kind of female candidate. Would they elect a female candidate over a gay candidate? Well, you see my point; there is still a pecking order of what is perceived as “likeability.” Being brought up in a male dominated society, both male and female voters still see the office of the president be fit only for a male. Never mind that the mother of this country, i.e. Great Britain, elected a female prime minister awhile ago. Never mind that the current chancellor of Germany is a female. After reviewing all the pros and cons, I believe Senator Clinton will make a fine president. So, I chose her and mailed my ballot.

Am I being that superficial regarding the election of the LEADER of the FREE WORLD? (Smile if you read those words in the biblical way, chuckle if you think “free” means free stuff) Well, Senator Obama said he wants change. But change to what? It is quite a catching word, but a word that has no meaning if there is no aim at a destination. I don’t mind Mr. Obama’s perceived lack of experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, and why not aim at being the president of the United States. I do mind, however, not knowing what he is thinking. So far, he has not explained well enough to me what he is aiming. He reminds me of John Anderson (check here) from the 1980 presidential campaign. John Anderson was a liberal Republican. An oxymoron? Well, they did exist before the Reagan years. John Anderson attracted a lot of attention in college campuses. He even got the endorsement of liberals such as Gore Vidal. But in the end, he failed. He proposed a 50 cents tax on gasoline. As everyone knows, any kind of perceived increased taxes is a no-no during presidential elections.

Other Rambling Thoughts

I am already thinking of how to spend the tax rebate that is certainly coming my way. The news media coverage is fairly accurate as to the reasons for the rebate. The U.S. government wants us to send more money overseas. Gee, most of our products come from other countries, right?

That made me thinking on how I can better utilize the rebate. Saving it, like I did last time, would not help the economy but merely a foreign bank (hi ING). Instead, I am trying to find a way to spend it locally. So, while surfing through the web pages, I found this site. It is a marketplace for small merchants who are selling mainly their own creations. Some of the items are good looking and unique. I know that in the end, the money may end up in foreign shores anyway, but at least, I have made a conscious decision on trying to spend it locally and supporting small businesses.


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