Meeting the ghosts from my past

Hello everyone from Lima, Peru. I arrived safely via the good hands of TACA. Thankfully, the diarreah that I contacted the day before departure disappeared during the flight. There is something to be said about modern medicine.

I spent the whole of yesterday touring the central area of Lima. Like all tourists, I am staying in Miraflores, the safer neighbourhood. Weather is nice and I am having a good time.

One of the reasons that I decided to tour central Lima was to visit the apartment complex where my sister used to live. I fondly remember coming down from the mountains and visiting her in the Summer. For a mountain boy, it was like heaven going to the coastline and touch the ocean.

The apartment complex is in the middle of Lima´s Chinatown. Seeing it bought memories of those long years past. I was able to go inside and walk through all the corridors. But as the saying goes, you cannot go home again. The Lima of then is quite different than the Lima of now. I have a vivid memory of the apartment complex being a lively place with children running around and neighbours talking to each other. The corridors were bright because people lefts their doors open. Nowadays, all the apartments have iron segurity gates. Everything is dark. Nobody is around. Actually, although the whole Chinatown seems to be quite lively and with lots of activity, there was something lacking…where are the Chinese people?


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