Time goes fast when you are having fun

Hello everyone. I am in Lima now. Took an archeological tour of Huancayo yesterday. I was the only passenger. Huancayo does not have the charm and grandeur as the ruins around Cusco. Whatever it lacks, it makes it up with the way her people go around doing the daily business. If there is a truly representative Peruvian Andean town, Huancayo it is.

A few observations about Peru. It is a more indigenous country than I remember during my childhood. Maybe my childhood was surrounded by a different group of friends. The economical difference among the various levels is obvious, specially in Lima. It is as if there are two different countries in one city.

There is a general strike by farmers right now. Some of the freeways have been blocked. The main reason is because the government is increasing the cost of fertilizers. Also, lots of fights about privitetization of cultural areas. I am not sure if the government of Alan Garcia understand what the population is thinking. I have not been affected by the strikes, thankfully. It is just so nice to use the plane. On that theme, back to the U.S. tomorrow, and see what happens to Hillary.


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