What to do when one is bored?

latin1.jpgI found a good way to pass the time when bored. Visit one of those porn webcam sites. In the beginning, it was out of curiosity after a friend showed me the website. After a few ins and outs, I found that some of the performers are actually quite friendly and there was nothing of all that sleazy sex talk. It is as if I arrived at a cyber geisha place.

There is no denying that the guys are working guys and they will try hard to get money from you. On the other hand, it is like watching and participating on a soap opera. I felt like I was in a normal chat room, with the exception that the guy in front of me was semi-naked. Weird, but it seems to be the norm. Some of the better-at-socializing guys have a harem following them everyday. In a sense, it is better than the usual chat room. There is actually less expectation of sex.

…and if I am still bored

There is also that general political soap opera called the U.S. presidential elections. For awhile, I thought my favorite candidate was done, finish, caput. But never underestimate a Clinton. A lot of people may not like the way that Hillary plays hard politics. I, on the other hand, find it a perfect antidote to that screaming mad AM right-wing talk show hosts (and hostess). Nothing better than have a cup in the morning and hear Rush almost getting a heart attack. How about it? Hillary is like a cat with 20 lives. And not only that, she is an attack cat. My prediction? The Democratic Party’s chairman will eat his own words and announce new primary election dates for Michigan and Florida. That will be the only way to beat the deadlock without going to deal and wheeling ways of a brokered convention.

To my friends around the world: It is the economy, stupid. Forget about changes. Jejejejejeje.


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