Nationalism to the rescue

When I was a child, I had an uncle who was quite influential in Lima’s Chinese community. At that time, most countries around the world accepted the Nationalist government in Taiwan as the “real” Chinese government. My uncle was supporter of the Nationalists during that period of time. However, my uncle was also a person who flows with the winds. When Peru recognized the Communist government in mainland China, my uncle suddenly became an ardent pro-Communist China supporter. He was basically a person without loyalty to anything but his own self interest.

Now looking at some members of the ethnic Chinese group in this country of mine, I wonder what kind of allegiance they actually have. Are they, as Chinese-Americans, Chinese first and Americans second? Do they view themselves as basically the overseas branch of some Pan-China movement? Or are they basically persons like my uncle, people who flow with the winds; proclaiming nationalistic ideals because of the desire to obtain economic gains from the current regime.

As for myself, I don’t have any allegiance to the current regime in China. My mother suffered under their hands because of the small plot of land she purchased (an excuse to accuse her as a capitalist). Further, chairman Mao’s grand view of a proletariat society has never been achieved. The Communist regime of today may at best be described as a one-party dictatorship that is extremely intelligent at adapting to the winds of change. Maybe over time, those winds of change may make China a democratic society. But in the meantime, I don’t want to be part of any “love China” patriotic movement that the current regime is promoting.


When a fighter becomes self-destructive to the cause

As you all know, I have been supporting Senator Hillary Clinton for the upcoming U.S. presidential candidate. No longer. It is one thing to be a fighter showing strong tenacity. But in my opinion, if a candidate start destroying the house around him or her then that candidate becomes a destructive fighter. In this case, all she is doing is helping the Republican candidate, John McCain. For me, although Senator McCain is not a real right wing person, he is still a Republican. This means that if he becomes president, he (or the vice president) will have a chance to select future U.S. Supreme Court justices for the near future. Also, he believes in a long term occupation of Iraq. Such an occupation is unattainable. We are already running huge deficits.

I am still not totally convinced with Senator Obama’s message. The devil is in the details and there is nothing new about the details of his “change” vision. However, I now can’t stand Hillary’s scorch earth policy of trying to win the nomination. There is a limit when the law of diminishing return sets in. She has reached that limit. It is one thing to be a person with ambition but it is another matter when that ambition destroys the pillars that support it.

On other news…

I got my first semi-hate comment in response to my story on HIV infection among young people. It came from within the Mississippi Department of Education in Jackson, Mississippi. Whoever that person is (hi Jasmine), he/she commented that I am sick and should be ashamed of myself. Well, my dear Jasmine (or whoever you are), if you think that commenting on young people “bare backing” and failing to use condoms is “sick” in your mind, then I’ll continue commenting on this issue. The last thing I want is to have the pillars of our educational system trying to prevent the safer sex message.

The Olympic torch is coming my way

I am in front of the television, watching the circus of the Olympic torch going around San Francisco. Last night, I thought that if I was one of the decision makers, I may plan for the torch to run up Van Ness Ave., away from the planned route. So, what happens, it is doing that right now. Next thing, it may go towards the Golden Gate Bridge (newsflash, it seems to be actually doing that) and end up on my backyard. Wow! It may actually end up around the Golden Gate bridge. If so, a lot of motorists will be quite unhappy.

Certainly, this year’s Olympic Games have brought some excitement to these shores. I am not a fan of the games, specially the way the U.S. Olympic committee treated the creator of the Gay Olympics. They basically destroyed that guy so that Olympics and heterosexuality continue to be synonymous. There are tons of other Olympics, but for gay men, it is only Gay Games. Talk about homophobia to the extreme.

Also, to me, the Olympic Games have never been about sports, but about the use of sports in the world of politics. The creators, the Greeks, used them to show the power of their individual city states. Since then, it has always been about a genteel way of conflict resolution among the countries.

This year, it is China’s attempt to show off. Let me say that the Olympic Games, like the torch, will bring unintended attention towards that country. The torch will shine on shady areas that China would not want the outside world to snoop. So, careful for what you wish. Opening the doors to the Olympic Games is opening the door to your closets. Tibet? No matter what a patriotic Chinese person will say to justify the occupation, it is still an occupation.


If elections in the U.S. are like somewhere in Africa

 I am not sure if the following voice mail is true or not. It may be a joke, but I got a feeling that Simbadwe is heading down a terrible path just because someone is not willing to leave.

Can you imagine if U.S. elections are headed that way? Well, Al Gore claimed that something similar happened to him in Florida. In any event, my thoughts are with the citizens of Simbadwe.