Nationalism to the rescue

When I was a child, I had an uncle who was quite influential in Lima’s Chinese community. At that time, most countries around the world accepted the Nationalist government in Taiwan as the “real” Chinese government. My uncle was supporter of the Nationalists during that period of time. However, my uncle was also a person who flows with the winds. When Peru recognized the Communist government in mainland China, my uncle suddenly became an ardent pro-Communist China supporter. He was basically a person without loyalty to anything but his own self interest.

Now looking at some members of the ethnic Chinese group in this country of mine, I wonder what kind of allegiance they actually have. Are they, as Chinese-Americans, Chinese first and Americans second? Do they view themselves as basically the overseas branch of some Pan-China movement? Or are they basically persons like my uncle, people who flow with the winds; proclaiming nationalistic ideals because of the desire to obtain economic gains from the current regime.

As for myself, I don’t have any allegiance to the current regime in China. My mother suffered under their hands because of the small plot of land she purchased (an excuse to accuse her as a capitalist). Further, chairman Mao’s grand view of a proletariat society has never been achieved. The Communist regime of today may at best be described as a one-party dictatorship that is extremely intelligent at adapting to the winds of change. Maybe over time, those winds of change may make China a democratic society. But in the meantime, I don’t want to be part of any “love China” patriotic movement that the current regime is promoting.


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