Why Hilary’s RFK assassination comment is so damaging

The following video featuring Liz Trotta, a Fox News commentator, says it all. I am sure that is how some people at Fox News network feel too. I pray that the secret service keeps Barack Obama safe from all these nutheads.



According to American Idol, we are going to have a president from the Democratic Party

This is an interesting article discussing the results from the American Idol competition (click here). Everyone who I know thought that David Archuleta was going to be crowned the American Idol for the 2008 season. It certainly looked that way the night of the competition between him and David Cook. At least the judges said so. So, it came as a surprise when David Cook, the rocker, won by a landslide of voters.

Just as a background to my friends who do not watch this show, contestants of the show depend on the votes from the TV viewers. There is a window of time after the show in which people call a phone number to vote for a contestant. The one who gets the least votes is booted out. However, there is no limit for the times someone can make the call. So, even if a contestant is not popular with the public, he or she may continue in a show just because of the sheer number of fanatical fans who keep dialing for him or her.

It has been acknowledged that David Archuleta, who comes from Utah, has a huge teenage/youth fan base. He is a great singer and usually sings “safe” songs. He is also the youngest one and would easily fill in the role of Opie Cunningham (aka the young Ron Howard). On the other hand, David Cook is a former bartender who does classic Rock and Roll. You can easily pigeon him as a bad boy, guitar holding, and Harley-Davidson bike owner.

So, it came as a surprise that the young boy from wholesome Utah (ahem) did not win. What happened? Maybe he pissed off too many viewers when he modified John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” He removed the line about “no religion.” Did it conflict with his Mormon beliefs? If so, why even chose that song? In any event, the linked article shows some insights about the show that may also be true for the upcoming presidential election.

Testing my new device

I decided that on my next trip, I won’t be carrying a laptop computer, nor I’ll be dependent on Internet cafes. Instead, I’ll use my Nokia N95’s wifi function as a way to connect to the rest of the world. At this moment, I am typing this using the Nokia. I also got a portable USB keyboard so that I can easily type. So far, so good.

Tragic end of someone with a dream

I have previously written about the perils of relationships with someone in a poorer countries and how it seems to center, in the end, around the issue of money. Well, during a trip to Santo Domingo, I made a casual acquaintance with a young man from Belgium who was establishing his roots in that city. He was a person full of dreams and all happy to carry out his fantasy in an exotic country. It is with sadness that I read on a website that he committed suicide. Why? Nobody knows, but from anecdotal comments, there are the usual reasons – ran out of money trying to build his dream (in his case, a hotel).

There are a lot of reasons why someone abandons his home country and re-starts life in another one. In the good old days of this country, people kept moving west, hoping to establish a new identity or hoping to find newer avenues to wealth. In my parents’ case, it was the sheer poverty of China that made them move to the southern part of this hemisphere.

Unlike my parents, I suspect that this young man did not arrive in Santo Domingo because he was escaping poverty. Instead, he sought adventure and a way to fulfill his fantasies. Sometimes, these fantasies are so real that they cloud our ability to see clearly. As I mentioned before, he was trying to build a hotel in the middle of Santo Domingo. I don’t really know the details of his project, but it seems that he just bit more than he could chew. It is tough making friends in a foreign land when everyone seems to see you as a walking ATM, no matter how hard you try to be part of that society.

To Bart Callebaut, wherever you are now, I hope you have been able to find what you were seeking. It was fun meeting you in this exotic planet of ours.

Women kissing each other in Grey’s anatomy

So now that we got a couple of gay soldiers kissing each other on a prior Grey’s anatomy episode, it is now the turn of the ladies. Still, why this stereotype that heterosexual man love watching two women kiss? Is it something about being “big” enough to handle two women? Go Dr. Hahn! Go Dr. Torres.

What next? Maybe move Seattle Grace Memorial hospital to California?


How did she become a nurse…and other tidbits

Because of my upcoming travel plan, I went to my doctor’s office yesterday to get a couple of vaccine injections. One is for Yellow fever because it was advisable for the area where I’ll be travelling. So, I got this Yellow vaccination card. Anyway, I read the information in the card and it showed that the vaccine is valid from 21 May, 2008 to 12 May, 2008. Huh, what kind of nurse did I get? First, she forwards the date of the injection and then says that my vaccination has already expired? Thankfully, I read the card before leaving the office and had it corrected. Now, let’s see how light I can pack for this trip. I promised myself to only have carry-on luggage.

….and other tidbits

Sophie underwent the ultrasound procedure this afternoon. Everything is fine. Although she has a larger spleen, the specialist did not find anything abnormal. So, we are happy. I told my partner that Sophie has become his Fiat (although, in reality she is my Fiat since I paid for the expensive exam). Fiat? Well, you see, a long time ago I had this beautiful Italian red Fiat Spider. It was kind of rare because it had a turbocharger (1981 being the only year that you could purchase a Spider with a turbocharger in the U.S.). The ongoing joke during that time was that I spent about $500 per mile driven on that car. That car never broke but I was always trying to keep one step ahead of expensive breakdowns. The worst part was that because the turbocharger was a one time option, parts for it were hard to get. I fondly remember trying to find an exhaust manifold for that car. Well, Sophie is not a car. She is not a dog, either. She is now family.

What happened to the Fiat, you may ask. Well, I sold it to a German tourist. He shipped the car to Germany in a container. It was during one of those periods when the Dollar was weak. I still have, though, the factory manual…if anyone is interested.

Disturbing newsvideo from the Dominican Republic

The following is a video that kind of hit my gut. Basically, it is a news report of the arrest of three guys after a failed robbery at a corner store. From what I gather, these guys faced a lynch mob before the police came. What happened after this video is more disturbing. After the police took them, they were all found dead thereafter. I have fond memories of the Dominican Republic. Yes, it is a very poor country and a bit rough at the hedges, but its government seems to work. As much as I heard about the police department over there, this is the first time that I watched news about “removal” of undesirables. I do hear stories like these from poorer areas in Brazil, but not from the Dominican Republic.