Life in slow motion

I have decided to start on one of the long term projects that I promised myself a long time ago. That is, scan all my photos and save them as digital files. I purchased a dedicated scanner via EBay and have started the learning process. It is going slow because there is a learning curve. Hopefully, I can finish it in a couple of years.

A couple of years? Sure, it is taking me that long to save all of our household’s music CDs into electronic files. That is another project that I started unwillingly. Let’s see, it started when mi media naranja bought me an Ipod for my birthday eons ago. At that time, I thought it would be nice to remove all the CDs from the living room. They are still there and may remain for some time.

On other news, I am debating on whether to take a trip next month. Who knows how long will United airlines be in business (or whether it will continue keeping the generous mileage requirements for air tickets). In my opinion, the mileage requirements by U.S. airlines are much more liberal than foreign carriers. Maybe that is why they are not doing so well economically. For instance, it took me a long time to collect enough points in Cathay Pacific to take a short intra-Asia flight. On United, I would have been flying free as frequently as the energizer bunny.

So, where shall I go next?



2 thoughts on “Life in slow motion

  1. Aw sucks! Unfortunately, I promised mi media Naranja that I need to be at home to take care of the kid while he is promoting his wares on that day.

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