The ultimate American status symbol

Since my friend on the continental homeland keeps complaining about how things are done here, my partner and I decided to construct the ultimate symbol of our American way of life. No, it is not a quad garage to keep our bulging gas-guzzler fleet of carbon creating metallic symbols. No, it is not a 1,000 gallon “John Denver” storage petrol tank that may be used for future petrol crisis. It is….

Get ready…

A six foot by six feet house for our dog Sophie. The foundation is being laid right now. The parts and the thousand pages instruction booklet have arrived from the bedrock of American patriotism – North Carolina (and not one part from that Middle Kingdom country). All we need now is to hire a couple of guys (the North American version of Turks) to finish the whole project. Sophie is right now gazing over the construction site. Once the whole little château is constructed, we’ll be decorating it with a television so that she can watch endless reruns of this show.


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