Sophie is sick

Sophie came back from the veterinarian yesterday and we may have to make some tough decisions during the upcoming weeks. She has not been feeling well for a few days, was eating grass, and diarrhea conditions. The report from the vet is that she is in the early stages of a pancreatic inflamation. It seems that we caught the inflammation on time and after a round of antibiotics, she will not have a recurring issue with her pancreas. However, the vet also noted that the x rays showed an enlarged spleen. He does not know whether it is cancerous or not. So, Sophie has to return next week for an ultrasound. If it is cancerous, then she may need surgery to remove the spleen.

My partner and I discussed how things have changed in the veterinarian field, and for that matter, the attention given to our pets. I remember that when I was growing up as a semi-farm boy, my pet dogs did not have this constant care that Sophie has today. They ate whatever meal of leftovers that my mother prepared. Nowadays, Sophie goes through different dietary supplements. We switch between commercially prepared food and our uniquely prepared food. Does that mean that Sophie is more attentive than my childhood’s farm dogs? I don’t think so. It is just that we have changed and dogs are taking advantage of it…as usual.


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