Don Quixote in American Politics

Now that the contest for the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party is, for all practical purposes, over, it amazes me that Senator Clinton still marches on. Even worse, she is playing the race card, claiming that only she can win the members of the White working class. Excuse me? Since when has this group been loyal to the Democratic Party? They are basically swing voters who straddle the right frank of the Democratic Party and the cultural frank of the Republican Party. I don’t know what Senator Clinton is thinking. Is she saying that she does not care about the core members of the Democratic Party?

By trying to divide the Democratic Party, Senator Clinton is basically saying that if she does not win, then better let the Republicans win. I have told my partner that I am quite disillusioned with the Clintons now. It seems that for all their talk, they are the same as other political insiders; they want to further their space in history even at the detriment of the country. Don Quixote, albeit delusional, was at least trying to fight a good cause. In this instance, Senator Clinton, is trying to just divide everyone.


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