I can’t believe the statistics, all it takes is a gay kiss to get viewers?

So, out of nowhere the readership of this blog jumps sky high. The culprit of all this is the link to the YouTube video of the gay kiss in Grey’s Anatomy. I guess sex works. Maybe I should plaster my stories with the words “gay kiss,” “gay sex,” “gay orgy.” Huh, better not, I am after all, quite a prude.

Now, for other comments…Why do we want so little from them?

There is a scene in Felice Picano’s novel “Men who loved me” in which a famous fictitious Italian movie director commented about his encounter with young Americans in Italy. In the words of that character, he was puzzle as to why Americans want so little from Italians, and Italians wreck their minds to wonder why that was. This scene was set in the 1960s. However, substitute the word “Italian” with “European” and you may still get the same view today from a majority of Americans.

Ok, what is the reason that I wrote about this line in the Felice Picano novel? Well, I have been annoyed at the negative comments that my continental friend has been posting in his blog lately. It seems that he cannot stop himself from making negative remarks about Americans, whatever other subject matter that he was writing at that moment. If he thinks that I wasn’t hurt by his writings, then I don’t know what kingdom he comes from. I wish I could reply in kind, and I tried. But, you see, I have little to say about that continent of his. That is, as hard as I try, I have not much interest on what goes over there. In a sense, I have become a similar “American” as that one described in the novel.

It seems that I have changed a lot since my childhood years. I remember that during my high school years, European history was my favorite subject. After all, having spent my childhood in a country where the elite look at “going to the Madre patria” as the ultimate vacation, I also viewed that continent in awe. But times have changed. Maybe that is due to the great American cultural tsunami.


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe the statistics, all it takes is a gay kiss to get viewers?

  1. dont think my question went thru.

    here it is again,

    i saw greys anatromy, but didnt see the ending.

    did the soldier with the tumor die?

    thanks, dave

  2. Yup. The experiment failed and he died. Dad allowed lover to go into exam room, and lover gave dead lover one final kiss.

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