Disturbing newsvideo from the Dominican Republic

The following is a video that kind of hit my gut. Basically, it is a news report of the arrest of three guys after a failed robbery at a corner store. From what I gather, these guys faced a lynch mob before the police came. What happened after this video is more disturbing. After the police took them, they were all found dead thereafter. I have fond memories of the Dominican Republic. Yes, it is a very poor country and a bit rough at the hedges, but its government seems to work. As much as I heard about the police department over there, this is the first time that I watched news about “removal” of undesirables. I do hear stories like these from poorer areas in Brazil, but not from the Dominican Republic.


3 thoughts on “Disturbing newsvideo from the Dominican Republic

  1. “these guys faced a lynch mob before the police came”

    Gangs were going into normal stores and shooting everyone for a few dollars when I left the D.R. in Jan. 2005.

    If the local people were trying to kill them, they were bad hombres.

    I use to work in the ER of Central Military Hospital before the Police got there own new hospital, and tidied up the police gunshot wounds.

    Again I say- if the people in the area were trying to get rid of these guys, they were bad to the core, Dominican People are very kind and forgiving as a nation, but the limits of lawlessness have reached a limit- it is survival of regular citizens.

    The courts let very bad people who have committed horrendous crimes loose very frequently, so the people are adapting of necessity so law biding citizens can let their children go buy bread at a corner store without being murdered in a gang going in and killing everyone for practically nothing in the cash register.

    There are bad national police but the vast majority are good men and women.

    This video and your concerns are a sign of the times, but there is more to it than the video shows.

  2. I understand how angry can a crowd become given that some neighborhoods have higher crime rates due to the lack of police patrols. But there is no denying that the guys in the video are now dead after being in police hands. They should have at least gone through the Dominican legal system of justice.

  3. I agree, but with the above comments as to how things have gotten to such a point.

    No question- once in police custody, they should not be killed or harmed.

    This is also SOP for police murderers in Texas, my home state, where you will not see a clearly guilty killer of a policeman go to jail: they arrange confrontation so they are killed before they are taken into custody.

    One of many examples was a park policeman was gunned down in a park in Austin, the car was followed all the way to Houston, where a massive road block was set, and the killer met a hail of gunfire, killed in the road. He was not in police custody when shot down, but neither did the police have any intention of taking him into custody. The message in Texas is, kill a policeman and you will most likely not be taken into custody or sit on death row: you will die before you are arrested and in custody.

    There has even been what appeared to be people shoot or shoot at policemen, even without killing one, specifically to commit suicide, knowing they would be gunned down.

    That is not justifying the practice, just noting it.

    But you are right: no one should be murdered by any policeman who are sworn to uphold the law or taken into custody under arrest then turn up dead.

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