How did she become a nurse…and other tidbits

Because of my upcoming travel plan, I went to my doctor’s office yesterday to get a couple of vaccine injections. One is for Yellow fever because it was advisable for the area where I’ll be travelling. So, I got this Yellow vaccination card. Anyway, I read the information in the card and it showed that the vaccine is valid from 21 May, 2008 to 12 May, 2008. Huh, what kind of nurse did I get? First, she forwards the date of the injection and then says that my vaccination has already expired? Thankfully, I read the card before leaving the office and had it corrected. Now, let’s see how light I can pack for this trip. I promised myself to only have carry-on luggage.

….and other tidbits

Sophie underwent the ultrasound procedure this afternoon. Everything is fine. Although she has a larger spleen, the specialist did not find anything abnormal. So, we are happy. I told my partner that Sophie has become his Fiat (although, in reality she is my Fiat since I paid for the expensive exam). Fiat? Well, you see, a long time ago I had this beautiful Italian red Fiat Spider. It was kind of rare because it had a turbocharger (1981 being the only year that you could purchase a Spider with a turbocharger in the U.S.). The ongoing joke during that time was that I spent about $500 per mile driven on that car. That car never broke but I was always trying to keep one step ahead of expensive breakdowns. The worst part was that because the turbocharger was a one time option, parts for it were hard to get. I fondly remember trying to find an exhaust manifold for that car. Well, Sophie is not a car. She is not a dog, either. She is now family.

What happened to the Fiat, you may ask. Well, I sold it to a German tourist. He shipped the car to Germany in a container. It was during one of those periods when the Dollar was weak. I still have, though, the factory manual…if anyone is interested.


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