Tragic end of someone with a dream

I have previously written about the perils of relationships with someone in a poorer countries and how it seems to center, in the end, around the issue of money. Well, during a trip to Santo Domingo, I made a casual acquaintance with a young man from Belgium who was establishing his roots in that city. He was a person full of dreams and all happy to carry out his fantasy in an exotic country. It is with sadness that I read on a website that he committed suicide. Why? Nobody knows, but from anecdotal comments, there are the usual reasons – ran out of money trying to build his dream (in his case, a hotel).

There are a lot of reasons why someone abandons his home country and re-starts life in another one. In the good old days of this country, people kept moving west, hoping to establish a new identity or hoping to find newer avenues to wealth. In my parents’ case, it was the sheer poverty of China that made them move to the southern part of this hemisphere.

Unlike my parents, I suspect that this young man did not arrive in Santo Domingo because he was escaping poverty. Instead, he sought adventure and a way to fulfill his fantasies. Sometimes, these fantasies are so real that they cloud our ability to see clearly. As I mentioned before, he was trying to build a hotel in the middle of Santo Domingo. I don’t really know the details of his project, but it seems that he just bit more than he could chew. It is tough making friends in a foreign land when everyone seems to see you as a walking ATM, no matter how hard you try to be part of that society.

To Bart Callebaut, wherever you are now, I hope you have been able to find what you were seeking. It was fun meeting you in this exotic planet of ours.


7 thoughts on “Tragic end of someone with a dream

  1. Nice piece and comments. My thoughts exactly. I wish I really knew what drove Bart to this end. I met Bart also as a casual aquaintance which turned into a close friendship over 4 months.

    He had dreams, great dreams; he could talk for hours on his plans of Hotel Hostos, but if I ever saw a money pit this was it.

    As his business (internet hosting) failed he started coming apart at the seams, drank way to much, isolated himself. He literally needed someone to physically intervene at the end and their was no one there to help. Such a shame.

    I hope he finds happyness in the next life.

    craig poole

  2. I am the father of Bart. Really I am deeply shocked by the way my son leaved his Paradise.

    How many he told to me that he was living in his Paradise, the Dominican Republic !

    Last Time I saw him it was two years ago when we visit him in Sosua, Dominican Republic. What a shame that I was not there ….. I regret Bart I was not there ….

    I loved Bart very much. It’s a great loss for me and my other son. I hope he will find peace now.

    I forgive you my son. We will met us later ….

    I like to know you “El Visitador”. Who are you ?

    Freddy Callebaut

  3. To Craig and Freddy, I sent you both emails to the addresses that you guys left here. If those are not the correct emails, please leave a comment here again with the correct ones. Thanks.

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