According to American Idol, we are going to have a president from the Democratic Party

This is an interesting article discussing the results from the American Idol competition (click here). Everyone who I know thought that David Archuleta was going to be crowned the American Idol for the 2008 season. It certainly looked that way the night of the competition between him and David Cook. At least the judges said so. So, it came as a surprise when David Cook, the rocker, won by a landslide of voters.

Just as a background to my friends who do not watch this show, contestants of the show depend on the votes from the TV viewers. There is a window of time after the show in which people call a phone number to vote for a contestant. The one who gets the least votes is booted out. However, there is no limit for the times someone can make the call. So, even if a contestant is not popular with the public, he or she may continue in a show just because of the sheer number of fanatical fans who keep dialing for him or her.

It has been acknowledged that David Archuleta, who comes from Utah, has a huge teenage/youth fan base. He is a great singer and usually sings “safe” songs. He is also the youngest one and would easily fill in the role of Opie Cunningham (aka the young Ron Howard). On the other hand, David Cook is a former bartender who does classic Rock and Roll. You can easily pigeon him as a bad boy, guitar holding, and Harley-Davidson bike owner.

So, it came as a surprise that the young boy from wholesome Utah (ahem) did not win. What happened? Maybe he pissed off too many viewers when he modified John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” He removed the line about “no religion.” Did it conflict with his Mormon beliefs? If so, why even chose that song? In any event, the linked article shows some insights about the show that may also be true for the upcoming presidential election.


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