Why do I go over there?

During an email exchange with a new pen pal (i.e., email pal) in a foreign country, he asked me why I want to go and visit over there. I did not reply right away to his question because, in all honesty, I wasn’t sure why.

If the biblical story of the tower of Babel is correct, the citizens of that city were united speaking one common language. It is after they decided to erect a tower that edified their own achievements, that they incurred the wrath of God and were scattered all over the world speaking different languages.

I believe that underlying every person in every culture, there lays a basic structure that unite us as part of the same species. Language, culture, desires, customs are all layers that cloud our views of each other. So, maybe the reason why I like to travel is to somehow seek to excavate those layers that set up apart. Maybe by learning from what those layers of humanity say, I can somehow find what united us in the beginning.


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