I felt I went to Bangkok

…Or at least it felt so. After 3 changes of planes and having delays all over the place, I finally made it to…Cartagena, Colombia. But it was like 20 hours and I felt like a piece of left over meal.
Anyway, another day, another adventure. I just had breakfast at the hotel, which is close to the center of the historic town. Weather is cloudy but humid. It feels like an expensive and civilized Santo Domingo. People are certainly nice, but then, I am staying at tourist center, within a tourist town. Maybe I shall leave and cruise the country side.
On that note, more to follow.

…now that it is afternoon in Cartagena

Went through a midday thunderstorm. Kind of expected. It does clean the air and cools down the air a bit. Also, I have started learning what the locals do to go around the high prices. For starters, have lunch in the supermarket. Not back for around $4, one gets a full lunch in an airconditioned room.

So, so much for now.


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