Day two in Cartagena

It has been a relaxed trip so far. Yesterday, I just went out without any idea of what to do. Just walk around the streets and see what I can sense and see. It was interesting that no matter how far I walked or how many twists I did, I somehow ended up returning to the hotel. It is as if I set an internal GPS that constantly is directing me to home.
I did meet a guy whom I made an acquaintance. We talked and talked for hours. Some of my preconceptions about Colombia are gone. Some remain. The Spanish spoken here is sometimes hard to understand. People like to use the sound “k” a lot. If they speak quickly, then it all becomes gibblish for me.
Oh! Everyone in the hotel is in love with my cellphone. Specially when they see me typing with my bluetooth keyboard. Huh! Maybe I should hide it better.
On that note, I am going to log off. Will be taking a taxi to the end of the city and then walk myself back here….I think


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