The Chinese government should pay me for…

It is 6PM in Cartagena. A tropical storm is shoving water down the streets. Again, that should help cool down the place.

So, what I did today? Well, after breakfast, I decided to go to the fort of San Felipe. It is just outside the gates of the city. It is an impressive fort and I am amazed that the English pirates could have been able to overrun these Spanish fortifications.

Now, why should the Chinese government pay me? I became its ambassador to a gang of 1st and 2nd graders who were touring the fort. I was surrounded like a queen bee by the worker bees. Questions flashing left and right, all giggling with inquiring minds.

My friend Jose likes to go to Asia because he feels exotic over there. It seems that I go to Latin America for the same reason. But I think I am more popular than Jose. There is a certain Latin charm that does not translate into Asian cultures.

Tomorrow? Tour the nearby volcan. Then, on a crazy whim, I´ll be heading to a mysterious place called Valledupar. It will be like going to Huancayo, when I was in Peru. Colombians encourage me to go there since they all acknowledge it will be as authentic as Juan Vardez. Yeah, right!


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