The lesbian harem

A young guy whom I met in Colombia brings to me an interesting point about how sexual orientation affects the gender of the friends who surround us. I generally assume that we tend to gather around members of our own preference. It seems to be certainly so in my case, and in the case of a few of my close friends.

However, this young guy dòes not have any male friends. Instead, all of his close friends are all Lesbians. It is kind of strange and odd to go out partying with him and his harem of female friends. It certainly made an odd looking group. All females, one Colombian guy of a darker complexion, and one Asian guy. Talk about being an oddity admidst Colombian cowboys.

There is a family connection that led to my Colombian friend acquire a group of women who are not sexually interested on him. But asides from that connection, I also suspect that this is an easy way for him to avoid being seen as part of “us.” As this young man advances on the exploration of his life, I hope that he is able to make some actual male friends, and not just some friends from the cyberworld.

On the other side of the coin, I wonder why I no longer seem to have any close female friends. Maybe the freedom afforded to me in my hometown have basically made me lazy and less interested to start friendships with members of the opposite sex. Whatever the reasons, this encounter with my friend´s lesbian harem made think hard as to how friendships are made. It was certainly interesting to be holding hands with someone of the opposite sex.


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