Some thoughts about Colombia

It is granted that one week around the most touristy area of Colombia does not make me an expert on Colombia. The imagens, smell, attitude around this area is generally similar to other tropical countries that I have visited. Something about heat and humidity that make humans behave similarly, I believe.
From the few people whom I met, they know they have an image problem abroad. While the situation is getting more stable, there is no denying that there is still an undercurrent of drug-trade related tension. I just watched TV in which the Colombian senate is debating the political reforms. Senators freely discuss the epoca of Pablo Escobar and the assessination of government leaders. Whether Colombia can move forward depends really on the stability of the various governmental entities.
Did I feel safe in Colombia? Certainly in Cartagena, and certainly on the road to Valledupar. On the road, it is as if there was police or military presence frequently.
The only time when I felt a bit uncomfortable is when I was in Valledupar and a group sitting next to me had a bodyguard. For someone who seldom sees a policeman in his hometown, it was kind of disconcerting. Obviously, it wasn’t for any locals whom continued to chat and drink as if it was a normal night. And I guess, that is as normal as thing can get today.


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