Foreign aid sometimes work

I am back home from my trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Life is back to normal…until the next adventure. So, anyone who was looking forward to me being held as a hostage…well, sorry, I am still here writing.

The moment I set back on U.S. soil, I checked my voice mail. Interestingly, there was a message left by someone whom I briefly met last year. He was a sailor who was stuck on a ship without being paid. It turned out the ship’s owner was going through financial difficulties and the sailors were basically being held hostage in the ship. From what I learned later, this kind of situations are common in the maritime world. Sailors get strandled in foreign countries when the owner of a ship fails to pay the bills.

I made a small grant to this sailor so that he could fulfill his dream of working as a naval mechanic. Other than that, I did not think much about it and thought I’ll never hear from him again. So, it was a nice surprise to hear his message and learn that he is now working for an oil tanker. That made me smile today. At least I found something positive from the small amount of money I gave.


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