My new buddy

No, it is not about another friend. It is not about another pet. It is not about another (whatever). It is about my answer to the high gasoline prices. I have decided to forfeit driving the SUV and other-related gas drinkers, for something that only sips gasoline.

It is my new…ta…ta…Buddy International 150cc scooter. All decked out in St. Tropez Blue color. Oops, a French word? How unpatriotic. From now on, it is going to be Freedom Blue color. Although I still think it is gay enough. Now, let me go back to study the motorcycle manual for tomorrow’s test (need to keep the grading curve up, you know).


6 thoughts on “My new buddy

  1. But of course, not! Although it is U.S. freeway legal. I am riding it to the gym, like any decent gym (eh, older) bunny. Don’t worry about the hermet. Our good friend got me a great Japanese one as a gift. It cost him 1/6 of the scooter. I look like a dork, though. But better safe than sorry.

  2. I just ordered my Buddy 150cc, too. It is the Italia green one.
    Currently, I am driving a Jeep Wrangler, which, on a good day going downhill with the wind blowing with you, get’s 20 mpg. I live 16 miles from work. A full tank of gas will get me back and forth (driving 50 mph on the interstate (yeah, that guy is me) for optimine gas milage, coasting downhill) barely seven times. That does not allow driving anywhere else at all. That means $55 gets me back and forth only to work seven times. A tank of gas on the Buddy, based on what current owners say about their milage (and I have asked around) will do me four times, and that tank will cost me $7!!!!
    Do the math.
    Yes, I’m still keeping the Wrangler. No, I won’t drive the Buddy on the interstate, although it will do 65 mph. I’ll stick to the side streets and be a whole lot happier at the end of the month.
    By the way, I am a 34 year old 6 foot 1, 180 lb white male who will gladly look like a dork to save big on gas. My wife asked if she needed to get me a pocket protector, too. (laughing)

  3. Hi Jim, thanks for visiting my blog. Welcome to the scooter world. It seems to be a small community of like-minded people. Oh, btw, do check the various forums. It seems that due to the emission controls, some of the Buddy Internationals are experiencing vapor locks. From what I read, Genuine is sending new vented gas caps. Other solutions include what I have been doing – filling the gas tank up to 2/3 (maybe that is why my dealer asked me to fill it that way). My friend says that this issue is common among certain motorcycles too.

  4. Man, scooting across the San Fran Bridge sounds like a hoot! Watch out for the cross winds. I wish I lived closer (I’m in KS). My wife and I have 125cc Buddy’s, we ride to and from work (when weather allows). A 28 mile round trip for me and a 27 mile round trip for her.

    Yes we work near each other, which make it easier to ride into work together, but I usually stay at work later so we ride home separately. Which is why we don’t carpool, my schedule depends on work load, and she has regular 8am to 5pm hours.

    I’m 6′ and weigh 230lbs, and get around 83MPG. She weighs 100 lbs less and gets 95MPH. But even 83 is better than the 22MPH my car gets and the 26MPH her vehicle gets.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I actually did take the Buddy over the Golden Gate bridge. And yes, I did feel the cross winds, being someone who weights 130 pounds.
    Cheers and keep scooting.

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