When liberal policies are blind to the outcome

San Francisco is a city full of contradictions. On one hand you see homeless people loitering on the streets pretending that they have a right to carry on the way they want. On the other side, you have well-meaningful high-asset residents who try to out label each other on how liberal they are. What unifies them all is the belief that San Francisco is a beacon of liberalism in an otherwise conservative country.

Sometimes liberal ideas, although sound in theory, go awry in practice. For instance, San Francisco has declared itself as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. That is, San Francisco won’t co-operate with federal immigration law agencies when it comes to enforcing federal law. Ok, I understand that part. A lot of the undocumented immigrants braved extreme hardships to show up at these shores to find some work. It happens worldwide and throughout history. So, maybe it is ok to give these guys a break.

What San Francisco has lately done though, is to go beyond that. For example, on its effort not to help federal officials, San Francisco has actively been protecting convicted criminals from federal immigration authorities. It is one thing not to co-operate, but to actively shield convicted criminals from deportation? The latest news story (see here) discuss how some convicted undocumented Honduran young crack dealers escaped because San Francisco city officials decided to send them to youth homes in another county. All these efforts were done just because San Francisco officials wanted to avert these criminals from being subject to federal immigration laws.

There is a limit on how much one can be a bleeding hearted person. I draw the line when we are aiding and abetting convicted criminals.


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