I knew this would happen…

Now that I have my motorcycle rider’s license, a new world of toys have opened up to me. I knew that my eyes would be wandering around the moment I got the scooter. The issue is that, as an inseam-challenged person in North America, my choice of motorcycles to ride are limited. But there are some, and here is one that I am looking (gee, back to BMW???):


Skinny people exist in the U.S.

According to consultant Bert Sperling of BestPlaces.net, the following counties in the U.S. have the skinniest people. Now, back to the gymnasium.


Residents of these counties from the Best Places database have the lowest average body mass index.
Rank County Towns include Body mass index
1 Marin County, CA Novato, San Rafael 24.48
2 San Francisco County, CA San Francisco 24.86
3 Williamson County, TN Brentwood, Franklin 24.90
3 Maury County, TN Spring Hill 24.90
5 Boulder County, CO Boulder, Lafayette, Longmont 24.94
6 Douglas County, CO Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Parker 25.34
7 Alexandria city, VA Alexandria 25.41
8 San Mateo County, CA Belmont, Burlingame, Daly City, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Pacifica, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Mateo, South San Francisco 25.42

Our carbon footprint and greed

Can we utilize our own greed to protect the environment? This is an interesting question that a current TV show tries to investigate (see here). In the series, we see a green entrepreneur trying to pitch the sale of carbon credits to investors. The idea behind the credit is that industrial polluters can offset their pollution through some sort of environmental protection effort.

In the TV show, the credits being suggested are the forests of Indonesia, or for a lack of a better word, the promise from Indonesian authorities not to allow the burning of their forests. The other side of the coin being of course, then, how are the native people going to survive. This is a complicated issue given the mistrust of the citizens towards their own government. To backtrack, the reason why Indonesian forests are being burn is to allow the plantation of cash crops, such as palm oil. As commented by an Indonesian farmer, there is no assurance that whatever money obtained from the sale of credits will benefit the local population. In his opinion, the money will just end up with the various Indonesian governmental authorities. I tend to agree with the farmer’s comment because it is already illegal to burn the forests of Indonesia. Still, the forests continue being burnt.

I don’t know whether this enterprise may be successful or not. But while watching the show, I realized that the main reason why we are talking about carbon credits is due to our own overpopulation. Human pollution exists because we are multiplying exponentially. We are good at surviving, and therefore, producing waste. So, in that sense, should not a credit be given to encourage people from not producing more humans? Maybe gay people should be given credit for the mere fact that we are carbon neutral. But for a minority among us who find surrogates for such endeavor, we do not procreate. In that sense, we help the environment and should actually be viewed as a necessity in human society. It would be like the good old medieval times when the spare son is sent to be a priest in order to appease the Catholic god. Oh well, I doubt our governments will ever see how environmental friendly we are.

Tom Jones keeps trucking

Should a 68 years old entertainer continue performing? I was wondering about that when I went to see Tom Jones perform last night. My partner bought the tickets for this performance. I believe he is more in tune to him than I; being that he likes to listen to singers that made it big during the ’50s and ’60s, such as Sinatra, Elvis, Dean Martin.

So, here I was…with my friends…at an auditorium full of…middle age women…and young girls. When Tom Jones first entered the stage, I actually did not recognize him. My image of him was firmly implanted to pictures of him with huge hairdo and hairy chest. Instead, here was this man dressed modestly while trying to do some kung fu moves. I felt awkward in the beginning seeing him try to perform out of his stiffness. But as the evening wore on, his performance got better. It is as if his joints needed time to smooth out. In terms of his voice…Well…maybe I need to check my ears.

In love with another Italian

I dare say that Italians made the most beautiful mechanical objects in the world. They may not be as precise and long lasting as their teutonic neighbors to the north, but the shapes that their hands create are just plain sensual. So, although I have long extinguished my passion for that little red Fiat Spider turbo, I suddenly got my groins moving for this:

A Ducati Monster S4R S Testastretta. This is a far cry from the little 150cc Buddy scooter that I have. But gee, with my body weight, this beauty can break the speed of sound. Talking about body weight, yes, my friend AMS, I may be older and beyond mid life crisis, but I am still thinner than (well, lets not go there, hehehe).