That marriage thing

This video explains a bit about the current discussion going on here:

As for myself, I am ambivalent about the whole issue. What is marriage about? If people want to live together, there is no stopping anyone from doing so. The issue in the end centers around the fact that marriage is a contract between two persons recognized by the state. This contract provides priviledges and duties on both parties. People who claim that marriage centers around the issue of procreation miss the whole point. It is one factor, but the main factor is property rights. That is why divorces are fought with such a fury.

The California legislature has already amended most of its family law code to include domestic partnerships. Most of the property rights of marriage are also provided to domestic partners. So, in the end, IMHO, the fight about legalization of marriage for same sex couples centers more around the cultural aspect. That is, changing society’s view in how to treat same sex couples. As far as the rituals are concerned, I don’t think I want to be in a white dress.


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