The IRAC legacy

Do my readers notice that my blog stories are mainly written within a template of three paragraphs? There is a reason for that. It is the result of years and years of being indoctrinated to that basic tool of the legal trade: the IRAC – Issue, rule, analysis and conclusion. So, excuse me if I sometimes write like a dry pumice rock.

So, what has happened lately? Not much, really. I have been enjoying riding the Buddy scooter. No crash, no dangerous spins (knock on wood, kiss Buddha, and make the sign of the cross). It is not as relaxing as driving a car and there is some pre-ride checks that I always do (tires, light, armored jacket, helmet, gloves, mental note of route).

Yesterday, I started practicing slow maneuvers at the nearby parking lot. There were some orange cones that a road repairs crew lefts behind. So, I set up a course so that I can do twists and turns around the cones. I think I am better at controlling the scooter during low speed maneuvers.

On other news, the weather has turned hot again. So, we are wary about fire dangers, again. It has been a strange year in terms of the weather. The Midwest suffering floods while California burning. Thankfully, I have not seen any shouting from right wing church ministers. They usually turn out during natural disasters, claiming that it is because of gays. Maybe they realized that the same can be said about them; that natural disasters in their home states are due to them being hypocrites?

So, better stop writing now. Have to go out and ride the scooter.

…and talking about scooters, see here.


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