Still alive after taking the motorcycle class

I haven’t updated this blog for awhile, because I was taking the basic motorcycle rider class. Since you readers are still reading this, it means that I survived the class and did not spend time in the emergency room. So, I passed the class and that means that I’ll be getting a waiver from taking the motorcycle rider’s test given by California’s DMV. Another day, another test. That is what my life has been about.

Although I’ll be riding primarily a scooter, I am glad that I took the class using a motorcycle because, frankly, it was more difficult. For me, the main issue was modulating the crutch and changing gears. It did not help that the motorcycles were worn from use and the “friction zone” of the clutch was hard to find. Also, while the class requires you to wear leather boots, I made the mistake of buying boots that were made of hard leather. There was no much feeling when I was up shifting the transmission level.

Anyway, I urge anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle to take the class (you can check this site). I learned a lot about safety and how to handle a motorcycle. The tutors are excellent and provided high quality feedback. The California CHP sends anonymous riders to audit them. How did I know? Because one of them was in our class. How did we know? Because the instructor noticed that he dismounted the motorcycle from the right side (cops are trained to dismount from a bike that way for their safety when they are on the freeways). The rest of us are taught to dismount from the left side because the rear brake is on the right side.

Also, by taking the class, you’ll know whether you can actually handle a motorcycle safely. I found out where my weak points were and, although I was not the best student, I was still able to pass the rider’s test at the end of the class. There were a couple of persons who could not. Well, it is better knowing about it in a safe environment than out on the street. I wish there were similar classes for bicyclist. Although their speeds are lower, I believe bicyclists face similar situations in traffic as motorcyclists.

Now, shall I trade in the scooter for a Harley?


2 thoughts on “Still alive after taking the motorcycle class

  1. Really? Have you gone to a Harley dealer recently to check?

    If I knew how, I would make tons of money selling Harleys to “retired” farangs (and their companions – both sexes) in Thailand.

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