Cyberspace for everyone…LPSG

What does “LPSG” stands for, you may ask. It stands for large penis support group (see here). What? What kind of support do they need. Maybe it is difficult to walk around without that thing protunding like as if an snake was attacking your middle section. But in all honesty, I bet a lot of guys would give their kingdoms for that kind of “horse.”

So, I am talking silly here. I am sure that there are a lot of issues associated with the extra weight to carry, let alone the back problems. Oops, here I am doing it again. Stop!

…and other rambling tidbits

Life has been normal and steady lately. No ups, no downs. The good thing about Summers in this part of California is that we get a natural air-conditioner. So, it is perfect weather…well, perfect weather for doing nothing. Just being lazy and read a book under the oak tree.

Ok, so much for the weather. I’ll leave you all with a parting thought. How come it is so hard to have friendships or relationships in the same wavelength. The worst thing is when someone channels his fantasies on you and you try to, diplomatically, keep him at bay. Maybe I am giving out a magic pheromone?


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