Little Big Men

Like everyone else, I am getting addicted watching the Olympic events. Thanks to the new Microsoft Silverlight technology, it is actually quite fun watching the events online. Now, when will Xtube use this technology.

Anyway, I got addicted watching the weightlifting matches, specially the men’s 62 kg class. Gee, they weight a little bit more than I, but they certainly can lift a lot more. If I came back in a different life, maybe I can train to be be one of these little big men. Right now, I am watching them pushing up to 357 pounds. So, who is my favorite? These two little cuties (though the pictures don’t actually show how cute they are, just trust me on this one):

His name is Phaisan Hansawong, and of course, he hails from Thailand. He looked so cute, smiling and shouting in that sexy tonal voice that only Thais know how to. He did not win, coming in fifth overall.

On the other hand, this guy is closer to home, though I am technically forbidden to visit his home country:

His name is Lazaro Ruiz and he is from Cuba. He did not win either, coming in on sixth place. Who was, then, the winner of the event? Hint, why did I say I may want to return in my next life as one of these little big men?


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