Sometimes, the Olympics are just about that…Human politics

So, in the spirit of slanted (albeit wide) eyes, let me continue my rant on how an event that, supposedly brings the best of us, shows the worst of us. Another story floating around is that of an Iranian swimmer who called in sick at the last moment because another contestant is an Israeli (see here and here).

What is interesting is that the Olympics committee accepted the Iranian athlete’s explanation at face value. Gee, even children in school need to bring a doctor’s note to the Principal’s office. Ah, forgot. The games are not really about sportsmanship. Even when the Greeks started it, it was always about showing off. If the Iranians would just do us a favor and don’t bother even showing up. That, at least in its own distorted way, I’ll understand. But please don’t go around calling in sick whenever there are Israeli athletes around. Doesn’t their common god forbid lying?


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