Another photo from a Spanish team showing their affection…NOT!

One photo once, maybe an accident. Another photo from another Spanish team? Well, lets see… A trend?

This time it is the 2008 Spanish tennis team. According to the caption of the photo, they are getting ready to go to China. I don’t get this fascination for the way my eyes look like. Term of endearment, my behind.

Thank you Angry Asian Man (see here) for this picture.

[UPDATE: Again, I have copied a comment from another blog:]

For people who say this is just a fun, they may miss a point here. I had lived in Spain for 9 years. People outside Spain may not aware that this is not a new gesture invented only for the advertisement. This has been used by some Spanish people to tease the Asian for many years. Being a Chinese, I was shown this gesture even by my Spanish colleague, though he apologized later. Most Spanish, if not all, know the intention of this gesture. Just ask the Spanish kids if they know how to show this to thier Asian schoolmates. I am absolutely sure that the whole Spanish basketball team understand perfectly the meaning of this gesture. Indeed Pau Gasol admitted that some teammates found this uncomfortable but they did so only after repeated requests from the Spanish courier company.What a load of hypocrites to say the ad was a gesture of “love, sympathy and appreciation toward the Chinese people and their country”! Just like many Spanish people didn’t find the blacked-up face and monkey chant to Lewis Hemilton in Bracelona Grand Prix a racism. — Posted by A Lau.

This is the photo that A Lau was referring:

[UPDATED August 15, 2008: The following comment on a website got it right. And I’ll leave this subject now:]

I am certain that the gesture in both pictures was indeed intented as a sign of affection. No offence seems to have been taken in China. However, the same gesture is also used in Spain to mock and make fun of people of Asian origin. I am Spanish and I have seen this in many occasions. Let’s be honest about it, please. The real problem is that it is actually not seen that way by Spanish people-sadly not by the recipients of the remarks… And that is what needs to be tacked. There is a really obvious sterotyping of Chinese people in Spain: “gentle souls, i.e. idiots” -the patronising reference to Chinese people as “chinitos”. They are also considered as “dirty” and a “plague”- “as there are so many of them” etc. Not to mention the demeaning, over-exagerated, stereotyped representation of what Spaniards perceived to be “chinese features”. The lastest example was shown in the most popular TV series for children “Los Lunis”, where what it was meant to be chinese people were shown colored as brignt yellow, with 2 big front teeth, and what is referred to as the “going to the toilet” face -I apologise for this, but I am using the phrase as I have heard it referred to sometimes in Spain-. The characters were presented clicking their cameras around in a frentic way…And the problem is that a) people actually still think that this is FUNNY!! b) they do not comprehend for 1 minute that anybody can find this representation offensive c)hence they shrug off any protests and d)carry on in the most complete IGNORANCE -and I think that THIS IS THE PROBLEM about why it IS offensive e) they do it again…Comment by Spanish Girl


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