Did they think they were in San Francisco?

Because the tag in one of my stories is the word “China,” I have been getting blog stories about that country through wordpress’ tag surfer. One of the stories that some of the bloggers are currently writing is the story of a fundamentalist christian group who tried to bring more than 300 bibles into China (see here). Obviously, they were not able to bring in those bibles and were confiscated at the airport. Then, as typical Americans, they decided to stage a sit in and refuse to leave until the bibles are returned.

Now, of course, the F**k network is trying to raise a storm by running interviews with fundamentalist Christians who are suggesting a boycott of the olympic games:

See this interview:

I don’t even know what they are thinking. It looks like they are trying to associate religious freedom in this country with their quest to export their belief to another country. Did they expect that they would be treated the same way as they are here in San Francisco? That is, come to stage their hate against anything else they hate while expecting police protection? Or run big advertisement boards as that one my friend AMS and I saw while cruising out of Omaha, Nebraska (hint: a 800 phone number for gays who want to change).

While I condemn the lack of individual liberties in China, I definitely do not support groups who try to hide under the mantle of freedom in order to proselyte their version of heaven. Further, since when has the export of a religious belief been part of U.S. foreign policy?

In the end, I am amazed at how many of us go through life with tunnel vision. I can’t believe the stories, in blogs after blogs, of how proselyting christians can’t think beyond the four corners of their world. For instance, there is this story of a proselyting christian girl who went to the funeral of a buddhist monk in Thailand. She cried because she felt sad that the monk is now in hell. Are you sure, my perfect christian girl?


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