I am out of touch. Israel as a gay destination?

Way back in the middle of the period when AIDS was not a manageable disease, my best friend of that time was frantically travelling around the world trying to absorb as much of our life in this planet before going to the great airports of the sky. One of his trips during that period was to Israel. He and his partner took an El Al flight and stayed in Israel for a couple of weeks. Upon returning, he relayed to me the difficulties of going through immigrations at Tel Aviv. Basically, Israeli security viewed anyone who is not Jewish or Israeli with caution. Terrorism must be a constant part ingrained in their society.

It was therefore, that I read this article (see here) with a lot of interest. I did not realize that Israel has become a popular tourist destination. I should have been more aware, given the huge amount of Israelis who populate gayromeo. While at this moment I don’t have a desire or plan to go over there, the story in the news has certainly opened my eyes to other destinations. So, Karl, whichever airport in the sky you are now waiting for your next flight, here is looking at you. Still missing you.


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