Heading to Oakland for dinner. Pray for me

My niece has invited me over to Oakland for dinner. It is to celebrate a belated birthday. I like belated birthday celebrations. If I time them correctly, I can have free birthday dinners constantly. She wants to take me to a Peruvian restaurant (see here).

Anyway, I feel like I am going to a combat zone. Restaurants on the east side of San Francisco Bay have been experiencing a rash of takeover robberies (see here). It is quite disconcerting and, sooner or later, will create a tragedy if a robber fires his gun.

While thinking about solutions to this latest crime wave, I started to remember when California had a rash of carjacking incidents. That kind of crime has diminished. Why? California changed the criminal penalty for such a crime. Now, anyone convinced of carjacking faces a minimum of nine years in prison. While I am not an advocate of populating the prison system with the rejects of society, I believe that an increase in the prison penalty for takeover robberies at restaurants will certainly act as a deterrent.


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