A splash of reality – Who is the most able to lead?

Partisan politics aside, lets backtrack and ask who is the most able to lead this country out of our current mess and establish a foundation for the near future? So, lets take a look at how, the Financial Times, a newspaper on the other side of the Western world reviewed the last two weeks (see here). The Financial Times is a well respected newspaper, akin to the Wall Street Journal. So well respected that Noam Chomsky claims to be the only paper that tells the truth.

So, quoting from that Financial Times article, Senator McCain’s speech failed because:

Much as Mr McCain needs them, they will not be enough to win this election. He must also reach out to wavering centrists, and perhaps to disenchanted supporters of Mrs Clinton, some of whom may be drawn to the Republican ticket by Ms Palin. This was the challenge he faced on Thursday in his own address to the convention. He needed to reassure independents that he had not sold out to the base, and answer justified complaints that his campaign, and the convention thus far in particular, was heavy on patriotic fervour and statements of resolve, and light on policies.

 It is obvious that Senator McCain has sold out to the cultural conservative base of his party. People are already commenting whether it is the Palin-McCain slate, instead of the other way round. So my dear friends, if you are an independent wandering soul who is still undecided, ask yourself as to who is running behind Senator McCain’s campaign. Do you recognize any (or all) of them from the prior eight Bush years?

In the meantime, lets listen to Senator Obama’s latest speech. Yes, how can the Republicans claim to be the vehicle of change.


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