Willow Palin’s blog and the cultural wars

I knew sooner or later, Willow Palin would remove her blog. It is tough, as a 14 years old teenager, to be ushered into the limelight and having your thoughts splashed for everyone to read. People keep saying that children of politicians should be off. But what about statements from children that are voluntarily splashed all over the Internet? Although the author may not have intended that her opinions would be reaching such a wide audience, these opinions do shed light as to what their adult family members think. After all, aren’t our children a reflection of ourselves? [For an article of how Governor Palin speaks, see here. Sambo beats the bitch?]

Given that, I decided to re-publish a couple of Willow Palin’s now removed entries. I had previously quoted one of them already. There were quite a few people who commented about her use of the words “ghetto” and “those kind of people” but I am not going to re-post those comments here.

Oh, one more thing. Why did I mention cultural wars on my title? It seems that the Senator McCain has decided to use the “us” versus “them” tactic again. If you read the blogs all over here, you’ll find that bloggers have become more and more polarized during the past few days. There is now not so overt hints as to who is a real American (didn’t you hear U.S.A, U.S.A chanted on the background of the Republican convention?) So be it then. As Willow Palin’s entries in her blog reflect, there are already seeds of division among our young minds. Lets see how Senator Obama responds. I am sure Pat Buckanan is smiling somewhere inside the MSNBC building.

So, here are a couple of quotations from Willow Palin:

My life as willow palin Weblog

My life as willow palin, it’s so like fun

people calling me racist…

September 4, 2008 mylifeaswillowpalin

I cannot belivie people are calling me racist? my mom told me they would even show one black person on tv tonight and did they? yes they did, so how can I be racist? diddy is the one who said their is no black people in alaska, which is not true.  I treat those kind of people with respect, i let them talk to me, sit near me, so how am I racist? People trying to smear me, yes i’ve learned about that, i am not as dumb as some people…you know who you are….


Give my family privacy!

September 2, 2008 mylifeaswillowpalin

I deleted all my old entries, it was hard but I rather not have millions of strangers in my life. I am making this new post to tell you guys to lay off my sister! Yes my sister made a mistake, but we all do! Levi is a nice guy, and yes, maybe he said he didn’t want kids but im sure he will somehow figure that he needs to quit sports, quit having fun, maybe quit highschool marry my sister and live happy for ever! Also the babydaddy comments are rude, do we look ghetto?  I will add another post later, I have to go console bristol, leave her alone! just leave her alone!

p.s: OMG! 91210 is coming on soon! yay!