A new Republican Party?

The following interview (see here) that Senator McCain’s manager gave to Bloomberg news seems to imply that Senator McCain is trying to move his party away from the right side of the house. If that is the case, a lot of the partisan Republican bloggers who wish to continue the social conservative cause would be disappointed.

In all honesty, I think it is just a Trojan horse. The promise to include a couple (more than Joe Lieberman, I suspect) Democrats in a future McCain cabinet is just for show purposes. How can such a cabinet function when you may have George Bush (aka Governor Palin) on the table? I think Dick Chenney has shown that vice presidents can exercise strong influence.

Anyway, centrist governments have been more successful with the Democrats than with Republicans. Why? Because the current Republican base is driven by a Messianic ideology centered around religion. As long as the Republican base is confined to such a narrow view of government, it is unlikely that a new Republican party can emerge. As the saying goes, you reap what you saw.

[Update: See the following video for a taste of the Messianic ideology:]


2 thoughts on “A new Republican Party?

  1. Good analysis. Thanks.

    Both McCain and Palin are still right-wing Republicans in so far as they want to continue to spend $25 billion every month for this senseless war in Iraq.
    That’s change? Go figure!

  2. Christianliberal, I know that the war in Iraq is a huge concern for you. Will it continue in the same form if McCain is elected? I doubt so. Our treasury can’t stand 100 years of that. But I think that in one form or another, he will try to withdraw and make it look like a victory. He’ll justify his 100 years by leaving American bases there. That won’t work because, unlike Korea and Japan, we are not welcomed at all in the Middle East.
    In terms of foreign policy, what I am afraid more than the continuation of being in Iraq, is that McCain may star a war with Iran.

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