Vetting a Ferrari

Remember the end of the movie “To Catch a Thief?” In the last scenes, Peter O’Toole is able to give away a supposedly stolen piece of art to an art collector. The art collector knew that the object may be stolen but his desire to have the object was so intense that he decided to have it, even if that meant not telling or showing it to anyone else. This story (see here) about a Ferrari has a similar theme. It is a rare, limited production, classic Ferrari that was stolen awhile ago. Like a title to a famous house, classic Ferrari’s VIN numbers are well documented. All it takes is research through a few books about Ferraris and anyone will know whether a particular example has a clear title. In this case, it seems that the last person who bought the car either did not investigated the heritage of the car, or his desire to have it was so intense that he decided to take a chance. I believe it is the latter because this particular car’s provenance had a gap of 10 years that nobody knew what happened. It seems nobody bothered to check the Interpol. See here for a copy of the police search warrant affidavit. Quite an interesting read.


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