Of gradiators, eating candy and other thoughts

I am having a writer’s block. The last few weeks have been excited for me because I felt like a spectator in a Roman coliseum while watching the U.S. presidential candidates throw verbal punches. Maybe politics is about that; some form of games played by two gladiators to entertain us. Instead of physical weapons, what they use are verbal ones. An offensive move here, a defensive move there, but it all seems to be a draw so far. No one is going ahead. Everything seems to be a stand-still. So, I cannot give thumbs up or thumbs down to any of the candidates. Though, I feel that Barack Obama may lose the election just because of the racial issue. Who knows how many people may vote against him just because of his skin color.

So, let’s talk about other things. For starters, I received my first traffic infraction in more than 20 years. It seems that the law of average finally caught up with me. I was wondering how long before the sports car catches the eye of a police officer. I had already another run a year ago, but at that time the cop let me go. This time, I guess, I need to pay the penalty…and hope to go to traffic school in order to avoid the dreaded point in my record. Oh joy. The interesting thing is that I incurred the infraction on my way to lunch with my nephews and nieces. When I explained what happened to me, everyone started giving me advice. It seems they all had traffic infractions. So, statistically, I am amazed that I have not got one until now.

On other matters, I kind of agree with what Rachel Maddow of CNBC said. She was discussing about the whole financial meltdown in this country. Her analogy is that the banks were like little kids going on Halloween and getting a huge amount of candy. The parents (us, the citizens) let them in charge of the baby-sitter (the U.S. government) who happens to be another kid. But we don’t give the baby-sitter any rules. So, the baby-sitter let the kids eat all the candy they want. The net effect is that they all get sick, throw up, and destroy the house (the country). Now, the Bush administration wants a super Tsar who will dispense more candy to the same kids. As she was discussing in her show, the CEOs of these banks got the candy on the way up. It seems, they’ll be getting the candy on the way down. All thanks to deregulation started under Ronald Regan. So much for country first, eh?


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