Reading between the lines

A long time ago, when I was a child, I experienced some of the nuances that make relationships among Chinese friends and relatives extremely difficult to understand. Through my parents’ life, they were close friends with a family with substantial financial influence. For my dad, it was nothing to think about given that he and the head of the other family grew up as close friends since childhood.

I remember one day when some distant family relatives came over to visit us. We vaguely knew them and were quite surprised to see them. But lo and behold, they came bearing gifts, as if our families were Siamese twins. But once the conversation started and the initial formalities were done, we discovered the main reason they visited us. They needed a favor. Their son worked for an enterprise owned by this rich friend of my dad. So, they came here asking dad for a favor to see if they can get their son promoted. I clearly remember this encounter and made me cautious about people coming out of nowhere bearing gifts.

It seems that I am getting old and forgot that lesson. Today, I visited the office of a former agent for the family. The person who used to be in charge of my family’s affairs was unusually friendly. He did not let me pay for lunch and gave me a small gift. Well, it is usually the other way around, since I am supposed to be generous for the services that they provided. The catch? There was some money left in an old account. So, I guess I had to tip again. Should have read between the lines.


When memories crashes with reality

It has been more than thirty years since I knew the guy with whom I had a huge crush during my high school years. Although my memory is fading away, I still have vivid memories of those years when the body is full of hormones and passion was filled with dreams unfulfilled.

So, yesterday I had a dinner date with the sweetheart of my high school years. We had not been in touch for a long while and I was looking forward to retouching part of my ghost’s past. I met him at the appointed time outside the subway station. I must say that time and life has eroded him. While the spirit of the self seems to be still intact, the spirit of the erotic is long gone. Now, it is just two old friends talking and remembering that distant past; a past that is no longer around.

That made me brings up memories of all that has happened through my life. Mostly, happy memories. Do I regret doing some of the stuff that I did? No. Will I do them again if I am given a second chance? Definitely. On that note, onto new adventures.

Sipping scotch on the big plane


[NOTE: The stuff below was written while I was in the plane,  on a delusional state. I am writing now from ANA’s lounge in Narita. The rising sun is setting and it is time for more sake. Cheers]

So, I am now on ANA’s 777 on the way to the land of the rising sun. Business class is sparsely populated, unlike United, where all seats are taken. The seat is a little bit hard, and like all Japanese video games, it has too many control options. I feel like that I need a manual in order to learn how many functions I can do.

So now, I am on my first scotch on the rocks. Thank you Suntory whiskey.

…I am now halfway across the Pacific. It is around this time that the brain gets mushy and everything becomes surreal. The seat continues to be hard but I found the comfort zone. I don’t care about the foot rest. It makes you feel like you are standing on something.

On other notes, meal service was superb. The Japanese meal was quite high quality. It helped that I had a serving of sake and was charming the stewardess out of her shoes. Who said that I am only male oriented?

So, now I am going through some of the .pdf files that I swear to read on this trip. It is kind of scary taking this trip while the whole world seems to go on an economic meltdown. Who knows what kind of America I’ll be returning to? In any event, I hope that by the time I return, it is going to be an Obama America. Interesting times, interesting history.

[NOTE: Here are a couple of pictures of my debauchary today:}

On the plane again

It is time to do another trip. Instead of going to the Spanish language side of this continent, I am going to fly west, to the lands of the fragrant harbor and tsunami sirens. This may be one of the last trips that I may be doing for awhile, if the current economic crisis does not improve.

I am all packed and ready. It seems that my luggage is lighter every time that I travel. Maybe I am now used to the global economy. No need to carry that many things since Americana is available worldwide.

Talking about Americana, I am also glad that I’ll be in distant shores from the overheated political and economic landscapes. I already voted for the future U.S. president. So, it will be nice to unwind oneself with the winds of the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea.

On that note, I’ll let the gentle hands of 全日空‘s Club ANA carry me with her Suntory dreams. Hai!

Anyone afraid of me?

So, it is time for me to turn to local issues. I believe Senator Obama is doing fine. One issue that I hold dear and may win in the November election is California’s Proposition Eight. That is, the proposition that aims at reverting the California Supreme Court decision that legalizes marriage between same sex couples. The right side of this issue, mainly with imported money from Utah, believe that the court should not impose such a fundamental right? Now think about it. Without the U.S. Supreme Court imposing the fundamental right for race, do you think this country may be in the blink of electing the first non-White president?

So, here is a video on “No on Proposition Eight:”

Governor Palin’s real America is…

I found a very interesting and useful website for political junkies, it is Anyway, its latest article discusses what constitutes the “real” America as viewed by Governor Palin. Simply, the website checks the racial makeup of the cities and towns where Governor Palin visits.

Accordint to, this is the makeup:

I looked at the racial composition of these 44 cities as according to the 2000 census.** They are, on average, 81.0 percent non-Hispanic white, 8.4 percent black, 6.0 percent Hispanic, and 4.5 percent “other”. By comparison, the US population in 2000 was 69.1 percent white, 12.1 percent black, 12.5 percent Hispanic, and 6.3 percent other. Thirty-four of Palin’s 44 cities were whiter than the US average.

As for Senator Obama:

Over the same interval, Barack Obama had public events scheduled in 48 distinct cities. The racial composition of these cities was 69.8 percent white, 17.4 percent black, 8.9 percent Hispanic, and 4.0 percent other. The percentage of whites almost exactly matches the US average 69.1 percent; 24 of Obama’s cities were whiter than average, and the other 24 were less white than average. Obama, however, has visited cities with a relatively larger fraction of blacks, and a relatively smaller fraction of Hispanics and “others”, than in the US as a whole

As I previously said, the Repubican Party has basically become the party of the right wing White America.

You can check the whole article here.