Too much CNBC is bad for your health

It has been a roller coaster week for me and that is primarily my fault. I should have known better than to keep my eyes clued to the TV screen while CNBC goes 24 hours a day. It is kind of being glued to a tragedy, except that the tragedy keeps happening over and over again over the World’s time zones.

What did I learn from this entire ordeal? Maybe, the fact that I can actually lose weight by just exercising the brain muscle. Also, that if there is an event that you cannot control, you may as well enjoy the ride and laugh at how crazy the world can be. But ultimately, I learned that my intuitions were correct. What distinguishes us from a herd of cows is that we are ultimately the masters of our own decisions. If our intuitions say that something is right, then the chance of it being correct is high.

So, where do we go from here? Other smaller countries would have learned their lessons and have plans to be more prudent in their spending. I doubt we have reached that point yet. It may take a few more months until the actual devastation of limited credit shows up. But until then, let’s have some fun.

What is funny is that younger citizens don’t care. Why should they, right? Maybe they have just started building their nest eggs and the horizon is still way way there. I felt so way back in 1987. Now, my horizon is just close by.


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