Joe the liar and tax cheater

Don’t people know by now that anytime you venture to have your 15 minutes of fame, you just subject yourself to a detailed review of your entire life? Hint: There is no right of privacy once you become a public figure.

I don’t know what Joe Worzelbacher (yes, that is the correct spelling, not Wurzelbacher) was thinking when he offered to throw himself into the political arena. But here are some of the facts:

1. He is a registered Republican.
2. He does not have a license to be a plumber. Sure, he can claim that he does not need one since he has an employer. But think about it? If you bring your car to a repair shop, you do expect the mechanics to have some sort of certification, right?
3. He is actually within the tax bracket that qualifies for Senator Obama’s tax break.

So, what is this all about? He had a chance encounter with Senator Obama. Rather than tell the truth that he is a registered Republican, he decided to play it coy. He pretended to be an independent voter and then make claims about the tax issues.

One more thought. Joe the plumber represents the Republican Party when it comes to deregulation. The same ideology that got us into this financial mess (that is, look the other way while I rob you). For someone who has parents living with social security, he seems to detest the idea of such a safety net. Does he want to give back the taxpayers all the money social security spent for his parents? Is he willing to invest his social security nestegg in the stock market? Maybe he should take care of his parents, like a dutiful son that he is, and give us the taxpayer a break. But. I would certainly not want him to do the plumbing of my house.

Edit: Ah, one more thing – He owes personal property taxes to the State of Ohio to the tune of $1,183. I wonder how many jobs he did under the table. Talk about being associated with undocumented immigrants!


4 thoughts on “Joe the liar and tax cheater

  1. A Republican lied?! That’s never happened before!

    Honestly I’m surprised by any this. He came off kinda weird to me in the first place..

  2. You do not need a license to be a plumber. You need a license to be a plumbing contractor. Most union plumbers are not licensed, those who are have a business so they can work while on furlough. As far as the taxes, in Ohio, if you owe back taxes because you or your accountant made a mistake, you’re not notified unless something pops up. Something like the media investigating your background will do it.
    The problem with most Dems is that they are uneducated and have no idea what they’re talking about.

  3. This is about the county where Joe works:

    “But the county Wurzelbacher and his employer live in, Lucas County, requires plumbers to have licenses. Neither Wurzelbacher nor his employer are licensed there, said Cheryl Schimming of Lucas County Building Regulations, which handles plumber licenses in parts of the county outside Toledo.”

    As for owing personal income taxes in Ohio. Well, doesn’t he knows how much he owes? It is his responsibility to know his tax liability.

  4. I know when I voted, I didn’t fully understand, but after I voted, I realized that I had made a decision that didn’t support a strong America. When I voted, I realized I voted for someone who would “do it for me” where I don’t have to be responsible for myself. After I made that decision, I now know that I didn’t make a decision based on creating a strong America.

    I want a candidate in office that will support me being an entrepreneur, which is what this country was founded on. This country is not about having the government being responsible for you, its about being an entrepreneur. And that was what this country was founded on. I don’t agree with everything McCain does, and how he campaigned, but he does know a little bit more about being an American and what it means to be an entrepreneur. And that is what this country needs right now, just a little bit more of that. So if you haven’t voted yet, vote for the candidate who will support us in being responsible for ourselves. This country does depend on it.

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