Governor Palin’s real America is…

I found a very interesting and useful website for political junkies, it is Anyway, its latest article discusses what constitutes the “real” America as viewed by Governor Palin. Simply, the website checks the racial makeup of the cities and towns where Governor Palin visits.

Accordint to, this is the makeup:

I looked at the racial composition of these 44 cities as according to the 2000 census.** They are, on average, 81.0 percent non-Hispanic white, 8.4 percent black, 6.0 percent Hispanic, and 4.5 percent “other”. By comparison, the US population in 2000 was 69.1 percent white, 12.1 percent black, 12.5 percent Hispanic, and 6.3 percent other. Thirty-four of Palin’s 44 cities were whiter than the US average.

As for Senator Obama:

Over the same interval, Barack Obama had public events scheduled in 48 distinct cities. The racial composition of these cities was 69.8 percent white, 17.4 percent black, 8.9 percent Hispanic, and 4.0 percent other. The percentage of whites almost exactly matches the US average 69.1 percent; 24 of Obama’s cities were whiter than average, and the other 24 were less white than average. Obama, however, has visited cities with a relatively larger fraction of blacks, and a relatively smaller fraction of Hispanics and “others”, than in the US as a whole

As I previously said, the Repubican Party has basically become the party of the right wing White America.

You can check the whole article here.


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